Why You Should Avoid Fireworks During New Years Eve

Why You Should Avoid Fireworks During New Years Eve

We’re bringing in the end of another year, which means it is the time for celebration. The New Year is always a time for new resolutions and new beginnings, and for some, those celebrations include fireworks. However, fireworks can have a negative effect too, especially on our furry loved ones.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider avoiding the fireworks this year.

1.     Your dogs like to sniff and chew things.

Dogs are majestic and curious creatures who love to sniff about everywhere, and like toddlers, certain items will end up in their mouths. This includes fireworks. Many visits to the vet during the New Year’s season are due to fireworks-related injuries. Fireworks become very hot very quickly and can cause burns and injuries to your dog’s face and paws, and in a few cases, their mouths, throats, and stomachs should the fireworks be ingested.

Fireworks are composed a variety of chemicals, fuels, and metals, including potassium nitrate, sulphur, charcoal, thermite, mercury, and different chlorates. Even unlit, fireworks pose a very serious and potentially lethal threat to your dogs. Ingesting any fireworks products (before, during, or after they have been set alight) could result in serious illness.

2.     Fireworks can give your dogs severe anxiety.

Some pets have been acclimatised to loud noises, and therefore do not have that much of an issue. But even the toughest pooch can be spooked by the fireworks displays. The loud, screeching noises and explosions caused by some fireworks products can put your dogs under a lot of unnecessary stress, making them extra shaky and anxious, and causing your dogs to act abnormally. Smaller dogs can be affected more seriously, so be on the lookout. If you live in an area where a fireworks display is surely guaranteed, then make sure that you create a safe, comfortable and quiet environment for your pet to escape to during the fireworks. Turn on the TV or play some soothing music to muffle the sounds of the fireworks. Make sure that your pet is micro-chipped, as that will help them find their way home easier should they manage to make a break for it.

3.     Fireworks can deafen and blind your dogs.

The larger fireworks displays are more likely to harm your dogs the most. Huge bangs and very brightly lit displays may not just cause anxiety and stress in your dogs. They can cause more long-lasting and possibly permanent health issues for your pets.

How to remedy the situation

  • Make sure that your fur-child is micro-chipped, so that it is easier to find them if they run away.
  • Keep your dogs as calm as possible. Create a soothing and comfortable environment so that they won’t feel the need to run away. You can ask your vet about a safe sedative to give your dog if they tend to be particularly rowdy during this time.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your neighbours for some help. If you have neighbours who also have dogs, keep an eye out for each other’s pets should they run away. Arrange for an afternoon play date to keep your dog’s anxiety levels down.
  • Keep in touch with your local vet, dog shelter or SPCA should anything happen to your dogs during the fireworks display. You can take a look at the SPCA website to find out more information about fireworks and dog safety.
  • Avoid fireworks altogether. Prevention is better than cure. Your dogs are far more important than a fireworks display anyway.

Got some more fireworks safety tips? Share them in the comments!

We hope that you and your furbabies have a very happy and prosperous 2022!

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