Another reason to be proud of Tatjana Schoenmaker!

Another reason to be proud of Tatjana Schoenmaker!

Over here at TipTop, we all have Olympic fever! How could we not, especially with the South African athletes doing so well!

Photo Cred: Tatjana Schoenmaker Instagram

It is especially with great joy that we join the rest of South Africa, and indeed the world, in congratulating Tatjana Schoenmaker on her achievements… but that’s not how she won our hearts.

Tatjana’s silver medal in the 100m, the gold in the 200m and even breaking the world record in that event made everyone sit up and notice this amazing athlete.

What made us love her though, was seeing that she too, is in fact a dog lover… like us! 😊 This proves, once again, just how AWESOME dog lovers truly are. Just scroll through Tatjana’s Instagram feed and check her adorable fur babies – just be warned: they will make you swoon!

Congrats again Tatjana, we applaud you!

What else do you love about this swimming superstar?

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