A dog is not just a pet; it’s another family member. The benefits of a pet far exceeds being merely a companion; they have been proven to be a source of stimulation (especially in remedial circumstances) and serves as a great source of education for children in terms of responsibility. But it will not be fair to your pet or your family if you choose a furry friend that’s not the right fit for your family. It’s important to remember that your canine companion needs a lot of love and attention, and financial care. And all the various dog breeds each have very different temperaments.

Small or toy-sized dogs such as Chihuahuas
These dogs are very fragile and should not be your first choice if you have children under the age of seven. Their personality is also a bit more temperamental, which can also lead to a few nippy bites.

Golden Retrievers
These are highly intelligent dogs. They are very good-natured, and they are a good choice as a family with younger children because of their tolerant nature.

They are very obedient. They are also the preferred pet of families with children due to their loving nature. But please note that these lovable labs have a LOT of energy and need a lot of exercise.

Pugs are a smaller breed of dog, but unlike dogs such as Chihuahuas, they can still make great family pets because they are very playful and tough little guys and can withstand a little rough play from smaller children.

Bassets are very smart and friendly (the many movies where smaller children are tugging on ears are not that far-fetched). They are also quite curious creatures that enjoy investigating their surroundings.

They have a very sweet and gentle nature, and can be quite calm in the company of children.

Shetland sheepdogs
These are very intelligent dogs. They make great family pets because they are very protective of their owners; they are obedient and extremely affectionate.

Shih Tzu’s
They might not be the best choice for a family with younger children. They can be quite spirited, if not a bit temperamental, although they are essentially sweet in nature. And they will be (time-costly) as a young pup since they are very difficult to housebreak.

German Shepherds
German Shepherds are incredibly smart. They are a good choice when it comes to a family guard dog, since they are faithful and extremely protective. Just note that if your main goal is to get a guard dog, they might not be the best idea around children.

These pooches might seem like the aristocracy of the doggie kingdom, but they make fantastic family pets since they are very gentle with children. They are incredibly obedient (as befitting “royalty”), but can also be energetic and playful – perfect for the family that has the time to give the appropriate attention and time for exercise.

When finding that pet breed that matches your family perfectly, you have to ensure that you get your future family member from a reputable breeder since that will play a big role in whether you actually get the exact temperament you are looking for. And when you’ve found your top dog, they will need top nutrition. Contact us at TopTog to find out how!

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