Easter activities with your dog make for a wonderful time of year for the whole family to gather around, share in delicious hot cross buns and chocolate, and of course partake in Easter Egg hunts! This Easter, you don’t have to overlook the doggos! There are a variety of fun activities that the whole family can enjoy without having to break the bank, a sweat or your back! We’ve compiled this list of a few easy and fun Easter activities for your dogs!

Easter Egg Hunt

Realistically speaking, your pooches can’t actually hunt for the real Easter eggs (because chocolate and sugar are bad for you dogs) but there are safer alternative. Instead of hiding Easter Eggs, hide some of your dogs favourite treats in and around the house or your yard!

And if you’re looking for a more realistic feel, you can use pet-safe plastic eggs. Get a few that are hollow inside, fill those with small dog treats (you can also get doggy chocolate if you’re trying to keep things as close to a human Easter egg hunt as possible), and hide those! You can find a few affordable plastic eggs online, or at your nearest plastic store.

Dress up party!

Dress up parties are always such a hoot, and dressing your pooches up in extra cute Easter-themed costumes is even better. Since it’s starting to get cooler in the evenings, you can kit your doggo out in some Easter inspired outfits and jackets, and pastel colours! For some inspiration, take a look at some of these!

Visit the Easter Bunny.

Probably one of the best parts of Easter is that you can have a visit with the Easter Bunny! Some malls and shopping centres have Easter activations, with the Easter Bunny there to greet everyone. If your dogsdons don’t mind being around lots of people, take the family, and your pooch to go visit the Easter Bunny. It’s also a great opportunity to take some photos!

Look, it’s the Easter Bunny… Err, Easter puppy!

If you are not too keen to go out to visit the Easter Bunny, bring the Easter magic to your home instead! Your doggo can pose as the Easter Bunny, with some simple costume items, like bunny ears, an Easter jumper, and even a basket filled with dog-friendly treats!

Have a special Easter feast

Pickled fish, hot cross buns and Easter eggs are all part of the Easter feast that we get to enjoy! And since it’s a special occasion, why not spoil your dog with a special feast of their own. Give your pooch the fine dining experience with some meats and treats that will definitely make your pooch feel like the best boy or girl!


Do you have other fun Easter traditions?

Share some of yours with us!

Happy Easter!

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