Although there are many, we give you five reasons to adopt an adult dog.

Whether you are looking at getting your first furry companion, or are a well-experienced dog owner, deciding to bring a new ‘man’s best friend’ into your life is always a big decision.

Majority of people opt to adopt a puppy instead of an older doggo, but there are actually many benefits to bringing an adult dog into your house. Here are our TOP 5 Benefits to adopting an adult dog:

  1. You know what type of dog you’re getting.
    While a puppy may be sweet and playful at the time, a dog’s personality can change drastically based on his socialization, training, and environment. With a fully grown dog, you can much more easily see if his unique personality will fit in with your lifestyle
  2. Training, Training, Training
    It is no secret… PUPPIES ARE WORK! Whether it’s dealing with a crying pup at night, crying over your chewed up shoes or finding unpleasant yellow puddles inside, puppies have much to learn and will require a lot of your time and patience. Grown up dogs are almost always trained and have good house manners.
  3. Size Matters!
    Often a person will adopt the cutest little ball of fur and then months later be rather shocked at how this tiny thing quadrupled in size! All dogs, purebred and mixed, can only get estimates of how large they will grow up to be. So, especially if you live in a place with limited space, choosing an adult dog will ensure he fits just right with his surrounding.
  4. You save some money.
    At most animal shelters adopting a fully grown doggo will cost you less than getting a puppy. At the SPCA, for example, an adult dog would cost R740 whereas a puppy is R880.
  5. All about the LOVE
    Dogs are highly emotional animals and an adult dog who has lost his home and family will experience grief and loss. These sweet animals need you! You can truly make a difference and change a life by giving a heartbroken pup a ‘Forever Home’. He will love you so much for it!

adopt an adult dog

So if you’d like to adopt an adult dog why not go down to your local SPCA and see what friendly fur babies they have there!

And if you aren’t looking to adopt but want to help out you can always donate to the DBV SPCA Charity Drive! For every bag of dog food you donate to the SPCA Midrand we will also donate a bag!

Drop off points are at

  • 151 Lechwe Street, Corporate Park South, Midrand
  • Essential Hardware Midstream

This drive is running till the 4th of December so please make sure to get your donation in before then.



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