Cute Dog Sweater Ideas to keep your Furry Friends Warm this winter!

The end of summer is always met with a slight sadness as the days get shorter and the nights get colder. But it also makes room for warm fires, more snuggles and the amazing opportunity to dress up your adorable pets!

As the temperatures drop a warm jersey is a perfect addition to your dog’s ensemble.

Bold Colours

If your dog has a striking personality a bright bold one colour jersey will be the perfect fit! Does your dog have a favourite colour? If not use yours and feel that extra smile of seeing your furry friend adding some colour to your home.


A lot of dogs have a favourite chew toy so just imagine how cute they would look in a matching jersey! Take their teddy bear or owl or dinosaur and find a jersey that has the same theme. The only possible issue is your dog might fall in love with it.

Sassy and Proud

No one knows your dog as well as you do and some dogs just have the most amazing attitudes. Does your dog know just the right puppy dog face to get your guests to cave and feed them? Warn them with funky patterns and slogans on your furry friend’s jersey! Humorous jerseys are always a great conversation starter!

Home Made with Love

A jersey doesn’t have to be a fancy or expensive purchase! Learning how to knit or crochet is a fun and easy winter activity that allows you to make a jersey for your beloved pet and you can choose your own colours and patterns!

Learn a fun skill and you can end up making matching jerseys and scarves that will make you the envy of every dog park you visit!

Disney Themed!

A whole new world! Bring a little magic into your home and get some Disney themed jerseys for your pets! It will excite your children be they fluffy or human. Every dog deserves to live in a fairy tale and living with you is surely their dream come true.  Doesn’t the dog below look Elsa inspired?


While humans often stress over whether stripes make them look wide your dog won’t have such problems. For a dynamic funky look add some stripes to the outfit!


Maybe you like abstract art or just a lot of colour but a colourful jersey can add some fun dimensions to the outfit and maybe even spark some debate. For example doesn’t the jersey below look a little bit like a dinosaur? Is it just me?

In conclusion the only thing better than a dog in a cute jersey is TWO dogs in cute jerseys

Enjoy the winter and have fun ensuring our furry friends are both warm and fashionable this season. You could even get jerseys for the whole family to wear!







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