6 Fun Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day With Your Dog!

The 14th of February can sometimes be a tough time for a lot of people. Especially if you’re single. But one thing you can count on is the unconditional love from your dogs.

This Valentine’s Day, the perfect date is with your furry friend! And we’ve put together a list of six Valentine’s Day activities for you and your dog!

1.     A New Valentines Day toy!

New toys really are the gift that keeps on giving! There’s nothing like seeing that sheer unadulterated excitement that your dog shows when you give them a brand new toy. Whether it’s a new chew toy or a squeaky toy, new toys bring about a new level of energy and excitement for your pooch. And if your pooch takes a little bit longer to warm to the new toys, it’s OK. They’ll come around eventually. For awesome ideas, take a look at this cute Valentine’s Day themed dog collar here.

2.     Doggy Date Night

Your dog may or may not register what’s going on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the perfect romantic date with your pooch. Set the table with your dog’s favourite treats. You can even spoil them this Valentine’s Day with prime cuts (careful to not have too many fatty foods) of meat and treats. Avoid the candles, because your dog may want to eat them too!

3.     Do Something They Love To Do

A walk with your pet is always good for the soul. Taking your dog for a walk also helps keep them active and calm throughout the day, and they sure will love you for it. If your dog’s idea of the absolute perfect day involves running around at the park, take them for a fun Valentine’s Day activity. And if they just enjoy snuggling, or a bit of cheeky playtime, just go with it!

4.     Arrange a Play Date

Valentine’s Day may be all about the love you share with your dog, but being with their dog friends makes the day that much better. If your pet loves spending time with other furbabies, invite their friends over for some play time!


5.     Visit Other Pets Who Need Some Love Too

There are so many other dogs that have yet to find their forever homes, and they need love too this Valentine’s Day. Volunteer some of your free time at your nearest shelter, and some love to the pooches. You can play with the dogs, take them for a walk, and even help groom them for the day. It really does lift their spirits!

6.     Did Someone Say Dress Up Party?

Looking good sure does make you feel good! And it’s also the perfect opportunity to take those Instagram-worthy pictures of your dog! We know that it’s cheesy to dress your dog in hearts and flowers, but it really does ramp up the cute factor. At the end of the day, it’s another excuse to bond with your dog on Valentine’s Day! Here are a few cute ideas for your next dress-up party!

This Valentine’s day, spoil yourself and your furry loved one!

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