5 reliable pet-sitter options in Gauteng that you should keep in your address book

The festive season has come and gone, and now it is back to work time for us all. And for some, the holiday has just begun. The age-old internal struggle now begins: do I hire a pet sitter, or take my dog to work or school?

Unfortunately, not many companies or schools allow for you to bring your dog along (unless it’s a show-and-tell day, or bring your dog to work day). That’s why we have compiled a list of the TOP 5 trusted dog sitters in Gauteng, who will make your decision a bit easier:

  1. Trusted Housesitters: This international organisation helps pair pet and homeowners with care-oriented sitters who will look after your pets and your home free of charge, in exchange for a place to stay. The TrustedHousesitters team uses their unique set of specialist skills to make sure that each pairing is mutually beneficial to the sitter, and the homeowner. The goal here is to keep pets safe and happy at home, whilst helping pet lovers travel. You can register at their website here.
  2. Co: Student.co is tutoring and pet sitting service in the greater Pretoria, Johannesburg and Centurion areas that pair experienced and fully vetted students and graduates with families looking for pet sitters. The arrangements can vary from once-daily check-ins to feeding and walking your pets, to stay-overs. Before hiring your pet sitter, pet owners can have a meet-and-greet with the sitter to see how well the sitter gets along with your pet, as well as going over rules and guidelines if need be. To find out more, visit their website here.
  3. Paws n Claws: Where most pet sitting jobs are a holiday job for students, Paws n Claws hires more mature pet sitters to take care of your fur children. This accredited service provides a variety of basic pet sitting services, as well as educating their clients on pet first aid. This service has also provided job opportunities for different animal lovers, including semi-retired and retired adults. You can enquire here today!
  4. The Pet Sitters: This group of professionals also started as a hobbyist group of pet sitters, who decided to turn their passion into a full-time job. The Pet Sitters are based across South Africa, with quite a large number of sitters in the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria areas. Whether you choose to have a sitter visit your home once or twice a day, or have them stay overnight, you can choose from one of their professional services here.
  5. Veterinary Science students: An affordable and reliable alternative to hiring a pet sitting service, is hiring veterinary science students. They are trained in pet health care and have an innate love of animals. Some vet schools suggest that their students spend their free time pet sitting to help improve their skills. Find a vet student in your area to take care of your pooch in the comfort of your own home!

Your pooch’s happiness and well-being is important and finding someone reliable to take care of them when you cannot bring peace of mind.

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