10 Crazy Dog Inventions You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

There’s no denying it, the world is becoming more high-tech by the day, and it’s not only us humans who get to enjoy some crazy, innovative gadgets, there are also a bunch of crazy dog inventions out there for your pups to enjoy too!

1.      22-Karat Gold-Tread Mattress

That’s right! The Italian company, Magniflex, designs and sells actual gold mattresses for your puppy to nap on. The gold in the mattress apparently wards off mites and parasites and is guaranteed to make your dog feel like the king of the castle.

2.      Doggy Bicycle Seat

If you and your pup are getting tired of walks, why not up the pace and take him for a bike ride or two! Buddyrider makes it possible for you and your dog to enjoy the wind in your hair while pedaling through the streets and local parks.

3.      Doggy Stair Lift

We couldn’t believe it either! This crazy invention was created because dog obesity has made something like climbing stairs a bit of a drag for some pampered pooches. If you ask us, we suggest you save your cash and go for a few more walks with your doggo.

4.      Dog Perfume

Now your dog can star in an Axe commercial of his very own. This Sexy Beast Canine Fragrance is said to leave your pup smelling irresistibly fresh and clean.

5.      Dog Thoughts Translator

Now you can finally know what is going on in that furballs head! The No More Woof pet thoughts translator claims to use the latest EEG, Microcomputing, and Special BCI software to analyse and translate your dog’s brain activity into human language. Pretty cool, although we can already guess what your pup will be thinking: “FOOD! FOOD! GOTTA CHASE MY TAIL! FOOD!”

6.      Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Blower

If your dog loses his marbles every time he sees a bubble floating peacefully by, then he is going to love this bacon flavoured bubble blower! We won’t blame you either if you join your dog in trying out these deliciously crazy bubbles.

7.      Beer For Dogs

If you’ve always dreamed of kicking back after a long day and enjoying a cold one with your furry friend then your dream is about to come true! This might seem crazy, but this Cock-A-Doodle Brew dog beer was invented as a healthy, non-alcoholic, beef flavoured treat for your pup.

8.      Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer

Gone are the days of hysterically chasing your dog around with a damp towel or dealing with the trauma of whipping out the hairdryer. This innovative idea will make bath-time a much calmer ordeal and will take away most of that wet dog odour. Perfect for owner and pup!

9.      Dachshund Fart Scented Candle

Okay, this might not be a crazy invention for your dog, but when we came across this we couldn’t exclude it. Any Dachshund owner will tell you that these adorable little pup farts smell like rainbows and unicorns. So this company decided to bottle this smell and make a candle with aromas of almond biscotti and cherry cordial. We hope this made you giggle a little.

10.       Pet Videophone

It’s 2019 and dogs want phones too! The PetChatz Greet & Treat Videophone will allow you to call your pet as well as reward them with treats to keep them from feeling too lonely. The perfect gadget for the coolest dog on the block.

So there are our top 10 craziest pet inventions! Did you see one that you think you and your doggo can’t live without, or did you laugh out loud at some of these insane inventions? Who knows what else will be invented for our fluffy friends in the future!

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